Letters to My Unborn Children
Meditations on the Silent Grief of Miscarriage

Letters to My Unborn Children
Miscarriage is a silent grief. It is unexpected before it happens, frequently unexplainable when it occurs, and rarely discussed afterwards. Parents grieve in different ways and at different times from each other. That can complicate and exacerbate their grief.

Shawn and Kristine Collins experienced this when three of their pregnancies ended in first trimester miscarriages. In Letters to My Unborn Children, Shawn discusses the tension between cautious excitement and hope for new life with each pregnancy, and the raw grief, vanished dreams and cynicism that accompanied each loss. He describes how recognizing other forms of silent grief helped him and Kristine begin to grieve and heal together. The gentle honesty with which he integrates the miscarriages into his identity invites you into universal experiences of fear, hope, grief, and transformation.

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-933794-58-7
Pages: 102; Size: 4.25 x 7
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-615-69178-7
Format: supported on a variety of tablet readers, including Kindle, NOOK, and iPad.

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About the Banner

The banner comes from a painting that Shawn and Kristine commissioned from Indianapolis artist Kyle Ragsdale.  The three crocuses are for their three unborn children.  Click here to see a picture of the whole painting.


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