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Preview Letters to My Unborn Children at Goodreads.

Read the ratings and reviews from Amazon or Goodreads.

Read the review of Letters to My Unborn Children from the Christian Medical Fellowship in the UK.

Read summaries and stories behind each chapter.

Read the press release.


Here is a trailer for Letters to My Unborn Children.

Resisting the Silence is a short film that discusses the miscarriages, Shawn’s decision to write about them, and the story behind the crocuses in the painting (which are also the website banner).

Shawn wrote a song called the Caim Prayer after he and Kristine had their third miscarriage.  He plays it here on tenor recorder.  You can also listen to a recording or read the score.

Radio Interviews

Kitchen Party Ceilidh is an Indianapolis radio show that plays great Celtic music.  The December 13, 2013 show includes an interview where Shawn discussed the role of music in processing his grief during miscarriages, and the role of Celtic music in particular. The segment includes “Song for Kim” by Nick and Anita Haigh – a song they wrote after their first miscarriage, and one that has become a personal favorite. Listen to the entire podcast for some great Celtic music. The segment on miscarriage starts about 40 minutes into the show.

Listen to Shawn’s December 19, 2012 interview with Cyrus Webb on Midday Conversations.

Listen to Shawn’s November 25, 2012 interview with Kathryn Raaker on Let’s Just Talk.  The first 15 minutes are here.  The final 8 minutes are here.

On the Web

Read an editorial about Letters to My Unborn Children in the Indianapolis Star.

Read Shawn’s post about Letters to My Unborn Children on Confessions of a Funeral Director.

Read Shawn’s post about Letters to My Unborn Children on Red Letter Christians, the blog maintained by Tony Campolo.


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